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RISKID Risk Management

RISKID prioritizes an interactive approach and active participation in the risk assessment and – management process. Online access reduces time and complexities, and our user-friendly interface performs much like a social platform, encouraging interaction, improving engagement, and increasing risk awareness throughout the organization.

Our Process
Risk management is like an iceberg. What you see is only scratching the surface.

1. Identify

All relevant risks are swiftly and efficiently identified by the right stakeholders in an online environment.

2. Score

Risks are scored on probability and impact and automatically generated as input for the risk meeting.

3. Discuss

Risks are discussed to gain shared understanding and promote ownership within the group.

4. Mitigate

Appropriate measures are defined for top risks. Risk Owners and Measure Owners are assigned to manage risks.

5. Monitor

Risk and Measure Owners can update information anytime, while auto alerts and dashboards keep everyone on track.


Collaborative Sessions

No Risk Manager can do it all on their own. RISKID integrates active feedback from all stakeholders to ensure understanding and ownership within the group.

Interactive Dashboards

Interactive online dashboards enable your teams to identify top risks and collaborate on solutions, guaranteeing accurate data while monitoring changes in real-time.

Visual Management Reports

RISKID reports are customizable, highly visual, and easy to understand for anyone in the organization, from the ground floor to the C-suite.

Import Existing Risk Files

We make it easy to transition from your existing risk management system. Our simplified data import function walks you through the migration so you can get started quickly.

Automatic Alerts

Receive automatic alerts when there are any changes to critical risks, sent directly to your mobile phone, email, or preferred contact method.

Aggregated Risk Data

Gather, define, and process the totality of your organization’s risk data according to risk reporting requirements and regulatory compliance.

Highlight Feature:

Risk Escalation and Delegation

RISKID introduces our unique Risk Escalation and Delegation feature.

Risk Escalation and Delegation enables users to link risks at different hierarchy levels and display those relationships in a dashboard to streamline risk assessment and mitigation plans across business functions and risk groups.

Users can escalate risks to higher-level management layers to create awareness so they can be acted upon on a strategic level.

Corporate Risk Managers can delegate (emerging) risks to lower levels for consideration.

Manage Risk from a Single Source of Truth

Risk Escalation and Delegation grants decision-makers a clear overview of interrelated risks throughout multiple layers of the organization. This practice allows them to conduct risk management efforts jointly throughout the enterprise, enabling effortless upper-level reporting.

Fully configurable to your reporting needs, Risk Escalation and Delegation simplifies board-level reporting, allowing you to pull the top risks from each department or sub-project for a high-level overview.

Free Whitepaper: 6 Tips for Better Risk Management!

We have sorted it out for you. These are the 6 tips to professionalize your risk assessment and risk management.

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