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Making risk-based Compliance work.

Internal Controls & Compliance are essential in today’s complex, data-driven world.

RISKID helps you stay compliant with all international regulations, standards, and codes. Our solution is designed to bring your stakeholders together, enabling a clear-cut understanding of compliance risks and ensuring you maintain your obligations with ease.

Regulatory compliance and data privacy concerns are a minefield of risk. Understanding laws, standards, and codes are challenging without dedicated expertise, but RISKID offers a solution.

Owning It

The collaborative nature of our software allows you to assign clear-cut compliance tasks to individual users or teams, ensuring all potential compliance risks are addressed from a place of ownership and community.


A modern, all-in-one internal controls & compliance solution to simplify today’s complex risk environment. It’s simple, sleek, and so easy to use that buy-in is assured, from the ground floor to the board room.

Control Testing

The Comprehensive Test of Control mechanism allows you to assign tests and review tasks with a clear timeline representation, with a user interface similar to popular social platforms.

Fully Customizable Forms

All Policy, Control, and Test forms are fully customizable and configurable to satisfy your organization’s unique preferences.

User-Defined Dashboards

Users can configure custom, personalized dashboards to show metrics relevant to them and nothing more.


No matter how much history or evidence is uploaded, your software always runs smoothly, even with large volumes of data in the system.

Seamless Integration with Risks

Seamlessly connect risks and controls to ensure the correct priorities are set for your organization’s compliance needs.


We are RISKID. Making user-friendly software has been in our DNA since 2009. Our compliance software is built on the same collaborative principles we’ve built our success upon.

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