Case Studies

Our customers in various markets explain in these customer stories how RISKID is supporting their risk management.

Public authorities

Governments and Risk Management; how should it work?

Risk management stands high on the agenda of the municipality of Delft after the crisis in 2008 and major setbacks on several vital projects.

Therefore, it is the more impressive how they have turned the tide and found a unique way to make risk management work for their complex and “rigid” organization.


Tauw Group is an international consulting engineering firm of over 1,200 employees, with a strong focus on a more sustainable and better environment.

Their consultants have helped many organizations implement a proper risk management program that results to more efficiency and lower failure costs.

Water Management

The Dutch are famous for their water management. In fact, the Netherlands is the best protected delta in the world.

Interested in how the Dutch Water Control Boards use risk management to keep our country safe from high water and ensure a sufficient supply of fresh water?


Heading towards a cleaner future with risk innovation.

RISKID provides offshore companies a new
technology and method to identify, analyze
and manage risks during all phases of the

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