Our partners

Here at RISKID we believe in joining forces with partners to go further in business together. If you believe in the RISKID concept for risk management; collaborative and ease of use. Then we are looking for you. Send us a message and we will get in touch with you soonest.


Charles McCabe Enterprises

CME Inc. is a North American based consultancy with an enterprise perspective of risk management who helps decision makers understand and treat uncertainties by risk assessing important decisions, project plans and strategic plans before they are implemented. They offer risk management workshops and assist in the deployment of Risk Management Frameworks. Throughout 2017, CME Inc. is helping a small food distribution facility in Ontario, Canada deploy ISO 31000.

Interested in learning more? Please feel free to contact Charles McCabe, (647) 668-3019, cmccabe@risk-management.ca

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Sterling Group

Given over thirty years of intensive formative years, Sterling has developed into being one of the local market leaders in the risk and insurance industry. Over the years Sterling is well known for providing highly customised Insurance Consultancy and Advisory services through its broking arm Sterling Insurance Brokers.

To keep pace with growing demand, Sterling has now well established beyond the Insurance and Risk Management, into the provision of financial advisory and IT solutions to cater for complete business solutions for its client with highly technical and specialised products and services.

Guided by that very vision, and fuelled by the passion of delivering products and services of the highest quality, Sterling has recently partnered with TeamSupport to bring to the local market RISKID.

Interested in learning more? Please feel free to contact Nurul Nadheerah Mohd Firdaus Ng, +6012-8272801, nurul@sterlinggroup.com.my

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Vicenzi Santiago

Vicenzi Santiago is a business advisory firm headquartered in São Paulo, Brazil which purpose is to guide organizations to appropriate levels of maturity in risk management and corporate governance driving value creation and protection for shareholders and to the society. Specialized in high regulated Brazilian market, VS is actively partnering with RISKID to develop the risk management software market in Brazil and to find the optimal way to support organizations in their enterprise risk management processes with RISKID.

Interested in learning more? Contact Carlos Santiago, +55(11) 97692-1108, carlos@vicenzisantiago.com or visit www.vicenzisantiago.com

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Risk Communication Australia

Risk Communication Australia helps corporations, governments and the public to communicate effectively and make informed decisions about risk. We specialise in socio-political risk management through services and support in corporate strategies, risk culture, organisational capacity and performance assurance.

Interested in learning more? Please feel free to contact Paul McLeod, +61 (0) 499 080 094, paul.mcleod@riskcommaus.com.au

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RiskTracer is a consultancy specialized in supply chain risks. We produce risk assessments in order to improve the reliability and cost-effectiveness of supply chains. RiskTracer utilizes contemporary risk assessment methods which are participatory and run over the Internet. Hence the best and up-to-date information is elicited quickly for the need of the customer’s development project.

Our process delivers our customer, within one month, a comprehensive risk map of the supply chain supporting its cost effective development.

RiskTracer can also be a partner in proposal preparations, as a coordinator or partner in EU research projects, as well as, a network of experts of logistics.

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BlueSkyRisq is a consultancy firm that advises large organizations on risk management. BluesSkyRisq is led by Johan Segers, Master in Engineering, and Associate in Risk Management and Associate in Risk Financing. Johan has 25 years of experience and found that even for organizations with a well-organized risk management policy, things go wrong in practice because incorrect premisses creep into the process or because an important risk is not recognized.

Review and update the usual risk matrix in Excel? Totally outdated method! The strength of RISKID lies precisely in the broad and deep approach that ensures that all elements that are important to attention can be evaluated, tackled, traced and followed up in a team.

Want to know more about BlueSkyRisq or RISKID? Please contact Johan Segers, +32 486 900 162, johan.segers@riskid.be

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PMconsultings trading as “Apan Muelt Consults” is a collaborative organisational capability building firm that is dedicated to designing, diagnosing and developing any type and size of organisation (Private and public) as a whole to be continuously strategic enough to achieve purpose, objectives and goals under any environmental conditions via better decisions and wiser actions.

We sincerely facilitate the growth of Knowledge Workers for our 21st century risk-rich world, leveraging on our Power of Three in Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), Project Management (PM) and Financial Management (FM).

Interested in learning more? Please feel free to contact Samuel Temitope Apanisile, +23 480 230 547 99, samuel.temitope@pmconsultings.net

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The Netherlands


The name Improven is a combination of Improve, Prove and Proven. We improve customer performance, with demonstrable results and an proven approach that we customize to every customer issue. Our promise “It can always be better!” is in our DNA.

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Palladio group is partner of the (semi-)government for integral management and control of organizations, programs and projects within the physical environment. We devise, direct and do. We always do this with content as a starting point and with partnership as exit point.

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How do you realize successful projects? By putting people at the center of everything you do. After all, projects are created by and for people. In addition to professional knowledge, we invest a lot of time and energy in personal development. We call that leadership.

In order to remain inspired and to always be able to deploy the right advisers for our customers, we ensure a working atmosphere in which respect for each other and pleasure in work are paramount. We each have our own qualities and complement each other with our knowledge and experience.

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ITDS Business Consultants is a consultancy for financial service providers. Since 1998 we work for appealing Dutch and international insurers, banks and pension funds. We combine this experience with in-depth knowledge of technology, legislation and digital marketing. Because on that cutting edge lie the solutions that make the difference.


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At nSEC/Resilience, we believe that recent technological progress, and the increased maturity of the IT Test discipline in general, is allowing us to bring Testing to the next level.

We believe that we can offer relatively complex test services (such as Security Testing and Performance Testing) with higher quality, more transparently, and more easily accessible on the existing market. We are convinced that bringing together these complex disciplines increases the quality of each individual discipline.

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