Risk Management

RISKID, the simplest Risk Management tool you will ever use. Period.


In best practice, risk management is a collaborative process. When people share a common purpose, success is assured. Our user-friendly tool involves all stakeholders in the risk management process, and we make it very easy to do so.


The collaborative nature of RISKID increases risk awareness throughout the organization, improving risk maturity and response over time.


Our user-friendly interface is easily adopted and a delight to use. We make risk management effortless so you can focus on what you do best.


RISKID is designed for rapid deployment and accelerated results. Achieve results and value in a fraction of the time of other solutions in the market.

We Are Problem Solvers

Collaboration is The Key to Success.

Most organizations lack risk awareness and involvement. Our tools are designed to be collaborative, making it easy to involve your entire organization in the risk management process and improving compliance and risk posture over time.

Risk Management, Simplified.

Our software is the only risk management software scientifically proven to be user-friendly, confirmed by industry publications, scientific forums, and most importantly, our customers.


Research shows that RISKID helps customers achieve a 60% reduction in working time and project time by 60-90%. Check this video to learn how!

Best-in-Class Customer Service.

We prioritize best-in-class customer service, providing 24/7 response and tons of resources to help you maximize your investment and optimize your results.

What people are saying

It’s easy to blow our own horn. We already know how great our solution is!
But don’t want you to take our word for it—listen to what our customers have to say about RISKID!

Collaborative and innovative are the keywords for me when I think of RISKID. The things I appreciate the most in the cooperation with RISKID is their cooperative thinking and flexibility of the people. Additionally, the software is a great tool to involve a lot of employees in the process. This creates awareness and stakeholder involvement, and evidently continuity!”

Wopke de Jong, Business Development Manager at Avéro Achmea

“Within the municipality of Delft we enjoy working with RISKID. The added value is of course the dialogue you have with each other, which is perfectly facilitated within RISKID. It is not unimportant, however, that RISKID as a digital tool really makes work easier.”

Monique te Selle, Strategic Advisor at Municipality of Delft

“Managing risk is pivotal to an organization like Stork. The RISKID software tool and its collaborative features enabled us to improve our way of working and ensure a better management of the risks we face as an organization. Having the ability to co-develop with the RISKID team we were able to improve the software tool for everyone’s’ benefit

Dirk-Jan Voorn, Chief Risk Officer at Stork

“RISKID is a collaborative instrument that is also exceptionally user-friendly. This software contributes to lively group dynamics, risk awareness and acting on risk alertness.”

Thinka Bor-Reijinga, Associé at Fakton Executives

“RISKID is a very user-friendly tool with which we save a lot of meeting time. The tool is also 24/7 online. Contact with TeamSupport always goes smoothly and the helpdesk service is fast and efficient.”

Joke Vermeeren, Senior Advisor at Erasmus MC


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