Employers of High Reliability Organizations (HRO’s), e.g. off-shore, construction industry, port industry, chemical/nuclear industry, manufacturing, etc. must identify and manage hazards at work in a structured manner in order to guarantee the safety of employees. To this end HRO’s generally conduct Task Risk Assessments (TRA) or Risk Inventory and -Evaluation (RI&E).

In a TRA the safety risks for a specific task or activity are identified, weighted and linked with mitigation measures. By executing risk assessments at task level, safety aspects of the task can be analyzed in detail and measures can be taken if needed.

RISKID is being used by the international container terminal operator AMP Terminals at the Maasvlakte II. This new terminal is the most  technologically advanced container terminal in the world with many unmanned machines that take care of the handling of containers. 100% of the participants, which are Health Safety Security Environment (HSSE) officers, evaluated the RISKID tool as very good and easy to use.

The RISKID risk analysis process can help professionalize your risk management team or organization, making your risk management method even more professional. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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