Cher Shen Chung

RISKID Singapore Partner

Cher Shen has several decades of professional experience in the areas of risk and controls for listed organizations across various major industries, including the energy sector, facilities management, and the banking sector. He is currently based in Singapore and was a former Risk Advisory Director at Deloitte, having worked his way up from an associate.

As a Partner at RISKID based in Singapore, Cher Shen is committed to fostering the “right” risk culture aligned with organizational values. He aims to demonstrate how RISKID can systematically cultivate a culture of open communication, breaking down silos within organizations.

He specializes in Enterprise Risks and has also co-developed a framework on Digital Risk Management during his consulting career. He is a certified Internal Auditor, Information Systems Auditor, and Risk Controls Consultant. Moreover, he is a qualified trainer and conducts risk training in organizations.

In his personal time, he enjoys a few pints of Kompaan beer, the native beer of The Hague, the Netherlands, especially in the company of his friends, business associates, or anyone who loves a good sharing of life.

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