Revelation of Delft’s latest hydrogen vehicle

Last week students of the Delft University of Technology (DUT) have revealed their Eco-Runner VII. This extremely efficient hydrogen vehicle should be able to go around the globe with an energy equivalent of just 8 liters of petrol.

The Eco-Runner V and VI, the two predecessors, are the most aerodynamic vehicles in the world. The goal of the Eco-Runner team is to repeat its success in the upcoming Shell Eco-marathon race in London this May.

The race is about covering as much kilometers as possible with an energy equivalent of 1 liter petrol. Last year the team in Delft managed to cover 1992 kilometers and with their new vehicle they are aiming at 3500 kilometers in this year’s edition.

As a proud sponsor, RISKID wishes the Eco-Runner team a smooth and victorious race! May lady Luck watch over you and prevent all risks from happening.