FMEA – Failure Mode and Effects Analysis

In FMEA the effects of possible failures on a product or a process are identified in order to preemptively take mitigation measures to minimize the probability of the failure to happen or to minimize the impact of the failure if it were to occur.

Figure 1: steps in FMEA.

The National Center of Patient Safety (USA) has developed HFMEA, Healthcare Failure Mode and Effect Analysis, for practical risk assessments in hospitals and other healthcare institutions. Erasmus MC, the largest academic hospital in the Netherlands, is using RISKID for their care processes and medical equipment. They have realized a time efficiency of more than 80% compared to their traditional risk assessment method, saving the valuable time of doctors, nurses and other hospital staff for caring of the patients. In addition to this enormous time saving, working with RISKID also resulted in a higher process satisfaction by the participants and better quality of the assessment results. Why? Because RISKID enables you to easily involve all stakeholders of the process and thus making the most out of their knowledge and experience.

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