Congratulations to Nuon Solar Team for winning the 14th Bridgestone World Solar Challenge

As a proud partner of the Nuon Solar Team we are ecstatic that they have won the 2017 world championship solar racing, again. This is their seventh! victory of the world championship and we hope many will follow.

“Victory thanks to design, strategy and teamwork”


The target of the solar race is to finish first in a solar energy powered vehicle with a distance of 3.000 kilometers through the burning hot desserts of Australia. The Nuon Solar Team eventually did it within four days and six hours. Their main competitor, University of Michigan Solar Car Team, finished almost two hours later.

The race didn’t go exactly without bumps. On the second day, a part of the suspension broke. Due to the fast response of the support crew it was possible for the Nuna9 to continue just after ten minutes.

RISKID will keep supporting the Nuon Solar Team for the championship in two years. With our RISKID software we are sure they will once again arise victorious by conquering all their risks.

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