About us

At RISKID we aim to create the best Collaborative Risk Management software for Enterprises of its kind. We believe that effective risk management can only be achieved by raising the risk awareness within the entire enterprise. How are we going to do this? By actively involving all stakeholders in risk management processes through innovative and user-friendly software. There is no excuse for over-complicated software, that’s why we strive to make easy-to-use software for a serious subject such as enterprise risk management.

Who are the people behind all this? RISKID was founded in 2009 by four similar minded people. Three of them with a technical background and one with a business administration background. Together they took up the challenge to make RISKID the best software for Enterprise Risk Management implementations.

Risk Experts

RISKID is part of the company TeamSupport, Creating together B.V. which is a fast growing and innovative software company in Delft, The Netherlands. Among their clients are universities, governmental organizations, local government, health organizations, national and international enterprises. Innovation, quality and service are the values we hold in high regard. We have invested time, energy and resources to reflect these values into our products and services and will continue to do so.

According to published scientific research and articles our tools are both easy-to-use and intuitive; anyone can use our tool without any prior training in the software. Our challenge is to find the optimal way to support organizations in their enterprise risk management processes with RISKID.