RISKID is a risk management tool that focuses on two things: collaboration and ease of use.

We believe effective risk management can only be achieved by involving all stakeholders and raising their risk awareness. In a very simple and practical way.


Raise risk awareness by involving all stakeholders in the process


The only risk management software that has been scientifically proven to be user friendly

Time saving

Saves you more than 60% of your time compared to traditional methods and tools

1. Risk identification in RISKID

2. Scoring risks in RISKID

3. Discussing risks using RISKID

4. Managing risks and measures in RISKID

The difference

The main focus of common risk tools is risk registering. The lack of stakeholder involvement and ways to raise risk awareness make these type of risk tools unsuitable to help organisations create added value from their risk management implementation. Moreover, such tools can be quite complex to use.

So at RISKID we do just the opposite. We focus on collaboration and ease of use. Meaning: with our tool you can involve all stakeholders in the risk management process. And we make it very easy for you to do so.



Execute risk sessions online or offline


Update risk information from your own account


Aggregated risk information in a clear dashboard overview


Create risk reports with just one click on a button


RISKID is fully web-based granting you access anywhere and anytime


Receive automatic alerts upon important changes in risks


Identify risks

Invite all stakeholders to identify risks together. You can do this online to save time and also get the important risks from the right people.

Evaluate risks on probability and impact(s)

Risks are evaluated on its probability and impact. This can be done very efficiently online. The risk perception of all stakeholders is quickly gathered this way and will be processed by our system to serve as input for the risk discussion meeting.

Discuss risks

RISKID processes all input from the participants and indicates clearly which risks need to be discussed in the meeting. These are the risks that are not in consensus amongst the participants. By discussing these risks a shared understanding is created within the group, and that’s what it is all about!

Determine measures

Now that we have everybody’s attention and involvement, it is time to determine the mitigating measures on the top risks. At the same time risk owners and measure owners will be assigned.

Update and monitor

Risk owners and measure owners can update and monitor their risks and measures from their own account. Our automatic alerts keep everyone on track of their tasks and responsibilities. Managers get informed on the most important risk data through dashboards.